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I recently was hooked on Crime Investigation channel on Foxtel. I am  enjoyed how the detectives and polices solve crimes. Some people might find  the stories are gruesome and there is no denying about it, I find some of the cases are brutal. I do wonder frequently the reason behind each crimes and there were many times, I got upset and angry for some of the cases. Unfortunately,  human is so egocentric as a result, thing that matters are often ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’. When things do not go the way we want, we strike.

I do enjoy crime and investigation but it drives me crazy when the case are not solved. The good thing about this channel is that often they are showing cases which already solve. There is another thing that quite annoyed me since I have started watching this channel, that is often the criminals are given huge publicity. They were named, they were interviewed for their stories, often vast and fast media coverages.

It does not make sense to me. I do want to hear their side of the story but I do not want to see them been interviewed on TV. I have to admit, this is very narrow minded but society is giving every one too much freedoms and rights. Many people want to be famous out there and often they choose the easy way by hurting others.

Since the first case of party turned ugly by young adult, how many have we seen on the news? too many. If you are familiar with this channel, you have seen criminals come out and admitted to have done it but not. What is this telling us? These people do not care about someone’s else life, they want to be in big cases, they want to be famous.

Shooting and massacre, why do cover so much on the criminals’ side? I want to hear the story of the victims and heroes but not so much killers or rapists. Come on Media? First few pages often about the criminals and the victims? just side dishes.

I wrote this because one of the cases where a young girl was brutally killed, there was a guy admitted of doing it but was proven not the killer. Although he was not yet proven to be paedophile but there were many cases where inappropriate gesture was involved so to me, he is a criminal. The sad thing about this case is that, he was merely wanted to be famous and wanted to rub more salt on the victim’ wound. I honestly have no sympathy for attackers of young kids and rapist. They can all burn in hell and was given death penalty. To me and I am sure many mother, father, parents, guardians, and people who work closely with young people,  their act is just purely evil.

It drives me crazy when I saw that he was interviewed. Where does our media ethical and moral guidance lay? do we want more crimes? we should really spend money on educating people on violence and empathy.


We should not tolerate crimes and we should have more harsh penalty and punishment to ensure these people are not   out there and hurting another soul.

Please media, I beg you not to give criminals any more publicity. We do not need that. 

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