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I am currently addicted to a TV show called 9-1-1. I watched two episodes briefly and I am hooked. This shows involved police, fire fighters and the emergency dispatchers. The episode that really hooked me was when the baby was flushed into the toilet. Did you know that premature babies are like sponges, they can fit into the flush? the mother was a teenage mum and when baby is having baby,Captain, we have a problem.

I am raising my hand to agree to run sex education at school, unfortunately, even with the advanced of technology we are having at the moment, kids are still not getting the right information about sex. Sex education is not to promote sex but to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and also sexual diseases. A lot of kids who I am teaching right now, whenever we have these talks, they are too shy and scared to ask questions. Sadly, many of our kids even from primary school children are sexually active, yes, it is a scary statistic. They often will get their information from their friends or internet, come on, we all know that we can trust everything we see and read on the internet, we need to be critical but for their undeveloped brain and mental, it is hard to know what is real and not. These days, it is so easy for them to get to see porn, even on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. How easily those information available for them to access but do they really search about safe sex? Please parents, it is a difficult talk but do not leave it for teachers and schools to tackle, you need to speak to your children about it, manners, respects and sexual talks should really start at home. Equip yourself with the skills to talk to the kids, these days, they are a lot of free talk for parents about how to tackle the matter.

I also watched the episode where a 9 years old girl was left by herself at home and robbery took place. The dispatcher was trying to help the girl, I feel sorry for those emergency dispatchers because they are first on the line and often they do not know the ending. I would not do that job, too stressful, too much to handle being the first point of call. I do not think I have the mental to do it so please do not call them to complain about your nuggets, to ask for direction, use the emergency line only during an emergency. Also, these days, it is not safe to leave the children home alone, they are too many psychotic people out there who are out to hurt children, please protect your child. It is not longer safe for them to walk. I have two big boys about 15 years old and they were followed home. They were huge twins (big built and huge bones) , but it did not stop the guy to follow them around 6 PM.

The Tsunami episode, so many people died, the debris that were left behind and the danger being around the area. The feeling of losing someone and/or not knowing if the person is alive or not. The guy was asked by Chris’ father to look after him. Buck decided to take Chris to the beach and Tsunami happened. Buck was searching and searching, he was stress and to feel that you lose someone that you are trusted to look after, how guilty would you be? It was not his fault but how do you tell yourself that? How do you tell your friend, “sorry, I lose your baby”. Unless you got no feeling, but I would rather myself die than that child.

Losing a love one is hard especially your lose one is your own blood. I have two cats, imagine them leaving me, it is enough to bring tears and I know when the time comes, I have to say goodbye. I am hoping I would be strong for them but losing your baby is not something a lot of people will tell, especially a mother. No matter how bad you are as a mother, sometimes, they just kept it inside and not sharing or talking about it. Again, do not judge and tell people what to do. We are not them and we do not know what they have been through.


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