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369651-carr-greggYou are responsible for yourself and your mental health. I recently attended a mental health session with a Melbourne psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. He is such a great speaker, I really enjoyed his presentations and I went to both of his sessions.

I attended few sessions like this before organised by my school but his stood out a lot in comparison. He got a great sense of humour and he was not there to sell things. Most of the things he introduced were free and achievable by everyone.

He mentioned many things which we aware of as a teacher but we were often too busy, ambitious and did not regard of it. These are the few tips he gave our group and hopefully, it might help you too.

  • Take them to relax
  • enjoy your surrounding
  • keep a happy/gratitude journal: happyrambles.com
  • exercise: couch to 5k apps for iphone and android phone
  • sleep cycle apps to improve your sleeping hours
  • get a pet: please adopt at your local shelter and dont buy from pet shop (many pet shops’ animals come from puppy farms/mills)
  • Have a good friendship to support you or family members
  • If you cannot change something, change your perception (I was touched and inspired by his way of dealing with loss)
  • Sign up to do something nice: volunteer at something. (something I will do later)

I am not as good as selling all those points but I will highly recommend you to look after yourself, because you matter too!

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