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I’ve finally adopted a cat into my family!!!!

My dream was to have my own house one day with cat/s.  I always wanted a cat and not big fan of dog. I always found dog scary even those small ones.  So, I was over the moon when we picked up misty. My husband and I decided not to change her name as it fitted into mine too. We both loved mis so much and we knew she would fit into my family perfectly.

It was only few weeks but my timid pretty cat, already showing me affection. It felt really good that she trusted me and loved me so much. She would follow me around the house and always the first one to greet me in the morning of after work. She made me happy and forgot my worries.  Having a pet was definitely not easy task but so far I enjoyed it, this experience was priceless. I would make recommend  people not to wait, this friendship you were going to build would last long.

Also, do support your local animal shelter and organisations (RSPCA, PetRescue, etc) that rescues animals in comparison to those animal pet stores. We should stop animal cruelty and those animals in the shelters would need your help and love.

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