Toilet Paper Shortage

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Australian are panicking, because of Coronavirus and as a result, the media is continuing to spread the fear and encouraging people to stock up items for their quarantine times. What do we stock up? lol – Toilet papers …. hahahaha …


We are the toilet roll mummies

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Please do not steal the toilet papers


The latest trend for birthday present

Image may contain: possible text that says 'O Happy Birtaya Ha Happy Birthday py Birthday Happy Happy Birthday irthday Happy Birthday'


What are people dealing here?

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The circle of Life in Australia

Jokes of the day:

  • Please BYO toilet papers to party these days, as we are longer providing it to guests.
  • if you are really desperate, I will only give you a ply


Enjoy while you can – may you have enough supply of toilet paper

I do! my softest toilet roll

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