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Schools are again used by politician to prove their agendas.

Victoria has returned from their Easter and term break and have started their first week of Remote Teaching and Learning. I have been doing it for two days but it is mentally exhausting. I spent my first ten days out of the two weeks holiday to replan and reproduce curriculums that will suit all my classes. The time and effort that went to do it, just enourmous.

However, this is what currently happening in Victoria. Premier, Daniel Andrews, is encouraging kids to stay home because he does not want it to spread further and more people. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison or well known as Scomo these days, said schools are safe, students should be returning to classroom. He is backed up by the Minister of Health. I am pissed.

First, I do not like the remote teaching and learning, I do want to go back to normal classroom settings and to work with children and build rapport. However, I do not think schools are safe, the children and teachers are protected for their wellbeing if we are returning right now. I am not happy with their recommendations:

  • it is not the children, well yes, children can be contracted by Covid-19 and they are going to spread it more because children’ hygiene are shocking, ask any parents or teachers.
  • We need to keep distance from other teachers. How? the schools settings are limited, we will continue to bump into other teachers or students and/or parents. Parents will also use this as an excuse to leave their homes and to speak to their teachers, this is going to be horrific.
  • We need to abide the social distancing 1.5-2 metres rule. Classroom are built in certain sizes, we have about 20-28 students per class, it is just almost¬† impossible to do that.
  • I know Scomo is talking closely¬† with Singapore in term of Covid-19, Singapore has shut their schools gates too. Scomo is selective with what we need or do not need to do, definitely not facing the truth.
  • Many teachers are over 50s, many teachers are in the critical group, it is just not safe sending them to schools. You will be left with young, singles and a tiny group of teachers at schools. They will be pushed to do all the work and eventually burn out. The rate of people getting into teaching degree has dropped so much in the past few years, this will make it worse. We will end up taking anyone to the field and they are not going to help our future generations.
  • There are not enough sanitizers and masks to protect our kids and school staff members.
  • They were too many parents who did not want to deal with their kids, they sent them to schools even when the kids are unwell. Even in this situation, we had a mother wanted his son to attend school because she did not want to deal with him. She was well known in our school community for raising stupid people, her job is not in the frontline, they are wealthy rich but she insisted to send him to school. Luckily, I had a supportive principal and sent him home and said unless you are nurses, doctors, supermarket workers, or any true frontline members, we will not be risking our life for your child. You want a child, you need to deal with them, build family time.

I do welcome the Principal groups to work with Premier and Scomo to decide when we need to return to school. I want the human contact in real life not virtual. However, we need to make sure it is healthy and safe for everyone.


Enough venting, back to virtual life.

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