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Friendships are awesome! it is great to have one or two best mates in life. One is hard to find and those who have more is very lucky in life.

However, when your best mate is married, sometimes it changes on your friendship. Your partner might not like your best mate and consider them a third party.

When something like this happen, what do you do?

Do you let your friends go?

Do you give your partner ultimatum?

Do you pick on of them?

There is not an easy answer, some friendship has endured childhood, puberty and adulthood, maybe old age. So does your partnership.

I recently watched a show on YouTube, the wife is very unhappy with the best friend because she thinks her husband loves him more than her. First, I thought the wife was just jealous but watching more, her husband accidentally said, you only waited for him for four hours. I waited him for 16 years.”

I immediately feel for them,  I know it is not love between them, it is more than love, he is a friend that he could not lose. I think it is unfair to make him choose between his friend and his wife. However, I think his friend does need to make some sacrifice and stop making his wife jealous. He would purposely said your kids loves me more than you. Do not also said to the husband, hang up the phone and do not listen to her. 

The husband does has the responsibility to make it clear to the friend that those words will hurt their relationships, all three of them. The wife needs to be friendlier to the friend too.

I do not believe it is one person’s task. I do hope their work together.

It is hard to find a great friendship and hopefully they will work together and maintain it.


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