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We are heading to the end of the series The World of Marriage. This drama series have taunted our emotion for a while now. For those who have not yet watched episode 14, skip this please. It contains spoilers

I don’t remember watching a drama serial where I was crying that much, those actors and actress are great. They have touched my raw emotions or maybe I am getting older and experienced more, not sure.

However, today episode was heart breaking, I was wailing. The scene where Sun woo decided to end her life, she saw no future in life, she felt hated by her child, that feeling is worse than left by her husband. She has done a lot for him and he is her world, the world of her obsession has collapsed when she was told to leave. I only have furbabies but to think they will want to leave me and do not want to see me again, I could not cope either. I remember when I returned from my one month trip from overseas, I went to my friend’s house to pick up Misty and Metal. Misty could hear me from the laundry, she was crying for me and it was so loud, that made me so happy. I was so touched that she loved me and Metal was upset with me and would not want me to touch him, I was lost and continued to please him by giving him treats and hugs until I earned my love again. They are only cats and I love them so much, I can’t imagine your own kids to hate you whom you carry for 10 months.

Back to the drama, not only Sun woo had to face that her son hated her, but he would never be part of her life anymore. He would be part of his ex husband and her slut’s life. I don’t have any good names for women who break marriages. It is true when a marriage breaks down, both partners take equal responsibility but don’t be the third party, waited until they are officially over before you get involved. Otherwise, live life with the well-known titles, sluts.

I felt a tiny sorry for Tae Oh, he finally realised that he made a mistake, he loved Sun woo but too late, this all happened because of his stupid mistake and he was not going to fix it. He can now live with the slut who is getting anxious about him because she could see that he is not over his first wife, never let go of a woman who loves you, she can do everything for you but leaving her, good luck with life.

“I love both of them at the same time”

“what we had was real”

“Falling in love is not a crime”

Those were the titles of Tae’s books of cheating, only if Tae Oh remembered responsibility, his vows and  promises. No ones are perfect, if mistakes are made, be honest, he could not do it that way, and you could not have both ways.

Episode 13 angered me and I was not really into it, slut made herself a hero, finally, the turn we were waiting, has finally arrived.

The son called his mother to pick him up, the slut’s mask was removed, she lost her face and pretentious of calm, and when Sun woo told her, she slept with Tae Oh again, I hit my sofa so hard, my cat jumped. I was crying so much at the start of the episode but now I can do the winning dance.

Sun woo did a beautiful job, I think, the slut purposely wanted to break their marriage, she left a lipgloss in his jacket so Sun woo could find it. That was a war declaration for any women, innocent?!!, far from it and many sluts are playing the victims’ cards. If you are the victim, call the first wife. You wanted to be sneaky, Karma, is waiting for you in the lobby.

The son is finally making a move to redeem himself, he was behaving like a brat but too be honest, he is really a victim here, he was hurt by his parents and he was confused by the divorce. Hence, people should really think about their children when they are separating and divorcing, for kids that ages, it is hard, sometimes it is hard for adults when something breaks, teenage’s brains are not fully developed at that ages and they would need support.

I have to say, I am wanting the serial to end now. I don’t think my heart can take it anymore. Next week, the last two episodes will finally air, and my life can return to normal, hopefully by then, the lockdown is over too in Melbourne and I can finally live some normal life too. 

If you have not watched, prepared your tissues and drinks (alcohol) and if you have watched it, how good was the last 10-15 mins. For that scenes only, I gave them a perfect score, Bravo!!!


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