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There are two types of Women; One wanting to be loved and the other one wanting to have money, fame and power.

This is the theme of the Thai drama series Lhong Fai (The Writer), first why it is called the writer, it is very much talking about how these two women have chosen their life and fate. They are the one that have written their paths.

Kan and Cha, both came from a small poor village town in Bangkok. Growing up together with Chorn, they are best friends until they went to uni, things have started to change.

Kan, was abandoned by her father and let her stayed her aunt and uncle. Her uncle tried to rape her because Kan is so beautiful and sexy. She went to a private university and she was modelling and wanting to meet rich men who can buy her a condo (luxury apartment with amenities such as swimming pool, gym, etc). Kan was ambitious and she would not be afraid to manipulate people to get to where she wanted. She was happy to ruin a marriage and relationship to get her man. She did not really love any of them men but herself. They are tools for her to continue her luxurious life. She lived in a dream and an expensive dream.

Cha, raised by a single mother and lived with her younger brother. Cha is straightforward and innocent. She wanted to give her mother and brother an easy life and she worked hard to get there without selling her integrity.

Kan’s ambitious is slowly taking a toll, she joined prostitution and she first got to select the men whom she was sleeping with. She made up lies to protect her identify, people thought she came from a rich family, she had so many expensive clothings and bags which she rented to keep up with her identity.

She strung along about 4 men, a childhood sweetheart, Chorn, who adored her. Bright, a computer expert to photoshop places for her instagram, Wuut, her trainer during work experience and made him divorce his wife, Chon, a rich mommy boy.

With the assistances of all these men, she ended up with her own condo, however, her mask was torn, her identity as a prostitute finally came out. One by one, men who loved her left her, used her, and she went into a downward spiral. From a VIP prostitute, she slept with more men, orgy, gangbang, etc.

Her journey in prostitution was not stopping after she left Thailand, she was kidnapped and sold to brother in German.

The drama is very good, I am giving it 8 out of 10.

This drama definitely raising few concerns, the raising of social media has made many of our youth wanting to be famous and they do not care about the price they are paying, right now. However, some of them are going through the downward spiral, and it is not an easy way out.

How the society are perceiving poverty, one of the scene, Cha became the girlfriend of Rong without realising Rong was married. The marriage was for business purposes and Rong did love Cha but his own greed, he made Cha, the mistress. Cha did not know about this because Rong got everyone to cover for him, Rong used excuses that Cha came from a really poor family and he wanted to help. Cha and Rong’s common best friend, knew about this and decided to cover for him, because she thought Cha could use some help because they were so poor.

How the rich did not want to associate with the poor, or wanting to rescue them seemed to be wrong. Some people might be poor but they are doing their best and who are the rich to judge them?

Marital affair is another problem, it seems that no matter how rich or poor you are, it is something very common, however, because it is common does not mean that it is acceptable. You are bound by promises and trust to keep a marriage, if it is no longer working, divorce before you are having affair will have less impact on both partners. If you are having attracted by another woman or man, it does not immediately mean, you are going to follow your heart, work it out before you step into separation because you might regrets this, some of the girls on the show, will do anything to win a man’s heart, to them, men are tools.

Prostitution, who women are prey into selling their bodies, they were promised dreams and money especially for those who lived in poverty, they are something, hard to refuse. Further more, Human trafficking, another way of promising a lifeline with so many prices attached to and many of those girls, did not end up get to see another day.

I have to say, I have watched many Thai horror movies but this is my second Baifern (Kan)’s tv series, she is a good actress, her first show, I watched but I did not finish due to subtitle issues. She potrayed both characters so well, I love her in the first show and this one, I find her annoying and disgusting. I look forward to see more of her show to be translated and I love the post credit-scenes because you could see the real Baifern before people stamped her as Kan.

Please watch and search online, it has English subtitles for the 27 episodes.

Highly recommended



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