The World of the Married

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You might have heard about this show “The World of the Married” on Facebook or the asian community, this is a recent popular show which is currently on aired.

I was not going to watch it but Facebook was showing me the trailers so many times, I watched one then two then more. I could not stop and was not going to wait for Netflix.

I searched online, I found it, I cannot stop anymore.

it is so bloody good.

What so good about it? it is unexpected, it is thrilling, my heart was racing at some scenes. It is still airing until May.

Just a short story:

Sun and Tae were husband and wife, Tae had an affair with Da. Da is at her twenties and both Sun and Tae at their forties. Sun caught her husband cheating and took her son’s fund. She was furious and she wanted a divorce but Tae was not going to let go of this easily. You will be surprised what length she would go into to get rid of him.

This show shows you what two people should not be when they are divorcing, shows how much a bad divorce can impact on their child. How people should be honest to their partner before / after cheating.  It shows you how far some girls would go into breaking a marriage or get a designer bag or a better life. It shows you that some people are greedy, men and women are definitely not from the same planet, we want different things. It showed you life is not easy.

For those who are currently undergoing divorce, some scenes might be hard to take but might also be the truth you need to hear. Prepare tissues at least

I am only about episode 8 so I am really not doing this show justice but my enthusiasm,  I cant wait every night after work to watch it, yes, I am working at home, but there are things to be done before I can sit quietly and enjoyed this. Highly recommended, maybe another review after the show ends.


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