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Netflix new original animation, The Willoughbys, I watched it because I saw cat on the advert on Netflix. It might not be something really good but it has memorable aspects to it.

The animation is about the four children, Tim, Jane, and the twins Barnaby who got rid of their neglectful parents. Their parents were so in love but paying no attention to the children, you can see from the fact that they named the twins the same names, the Barnaby.

The children faked a dangerous trip for them to go so they can orphan themselves and finding a better family, their parents found them Linda, an orphan in the past to look after them. Linda took the youngest three very soon but Tim continued to have suspicions about her. Overheard the conversation between Linda and his parents, Tim called and reported her to Orphan services. Unknown to Tim, due to his actions, his siblings and him were separated. Tim also realised that Linda actually cared for them.

Feeling awful about his action, Tim continued to ran away from temporary families, Linda came to the rescue and they went to rescue the other siblings. They decided to find their parents back because that is the only way they could stay together. Unfortunately, their parents again abandoned the children and too their only transportation to leave the Alps.

It is not the best animation around, but it gets you to think, parenting, there are so many styles of parenting, some are tiger parents, some are childish parents, and you of course have those neglectful parents.

Every family has their own problems, I think society needs to realise that having children is a personal choice for a couple and/or person. However, it is not right to think having children to burden them to look after yourself, of course, if you can, why not? but some parents will have too much expectations that their children will do everything for them and they get to dictate your life, who to marry, how many children you are having. Some parents need to back off, not just parents but also the siblings. Big families are no longer a popular choice. Having different generations living together is hard and it is understandable that some people move out and do not want to live their parents or children, it is hard to communicate especially there are generation gaps. Being parents are hard hence it is not something everyone can do, do not have children because of continuing your genes, there are enough people in the world.

People need to learn to choose their own pathways, be responsible with their own choices even it is the wrong choices. Do not play victims in stories and blames others. No one should butt into your business telling you what to do, they should just mind their own business and often they have their own problems which they are not facing but happy to tell people what to do, what I want to say to these people, fuck off!!!

Just live your life and be happy, it might not be perfect life but as long as you are happy, then surely you are doing something right.

Hope if there are parents like the Willoughbys, do not have children because you are ruining people lives.

Miss seeing movies in the cinema, even though, I am not really a fan but when you are told that you cannot go, you want to visit.

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