The Story of the Fat Cat, Metal

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I have this fat cat, his name is Metal. Metal was adopted from the rescue about eight to nine years ago. I always wonder about him, he is very different from most of the cats, he is very friendly, a bit too friendly sometimes especially when you have food. I then tried to put together the story of his life based on my own judgement, it might not be real but just a bit of fun.

Metal’s mother must have a big litter, and they always fought for food hence he is eating so fast all the times. One day, the mother did not return. Metal and his siblings started to walk around and smelled food. Metal went closer because he was hungry, he never seen human before. He saw the birds, they were huge, but they were eating the leftovers, Metal went closer, however, those big birds were such meanies. They chased him and his siblings away, he got hurt. He hid and watched them, thinking after they finished, he would get food. They left him nothing. Only at night, Metal and his siblings would find leftover food without being chased by the birds, he had to be quick before he got chased by the bird. When that happened, Metal was sad but could not do anything, he continued to observe them and every time, he went closer, they flew towards him, he would run, his siblings left one by one but Metal stayed because of food. One day, he saw the birds chirping at the human, human threw some chips, Metal thought, instead of going towards the bird, he went to the human, he made sounds, the chirping sounds, he was giving chips. He learnt the trick, hence he is not meowing but chirping.

Metal learnt human loved his chirping, he would get food, well, almost every time. There were times, humans were mean to him. Especially those with rising voices and pulling his around the neck areas, he hated it, they would do nasty things to him especially near the kitchen. He can smell food but there were hot, mean people and hot oils. He also saw food will come out of hot oils, but he needed to eat fast, very fast before other animals will come and take a piece of it.

Little Metal moved from lanes to lanes, house to house to find food. Some day, he saw a group of puppies and a parent dog, they were sleeping, Metal went closer, slept with them. The mother dog felt pity of him, he started to hang around the puppies and learnt to behave like them, he did not know that he was a cat. but he learnt near the dogs, he would find warmth. One day, an old man saw them, gave them food and feed them regularly. He loved the kind man, the man pet him, he did not care, cos he gave him food, and the man put him on his lap, warmth, he learnt you did not need to sleep with dogs, you can sleep with these human too. Unfortunately, the man did not return one day to feed them, the mother dog and the puppies decided to go, he waited for the man, he did not return but too late to follow those dogs.

Metal went on his journey to find home again, he met a group of cats, they attacked him at the park, he ran and climbed out the tree. The safe place, he knew how to hide from the enemy now, trees. He sat there until he was allowed to join the feral cats group. The boss was mean, but finally accepted him. They walked around the block at night to find food, the boss would go inside the bin and they can have the rest, they still had to fight for food so he learnt to eat even quicker.

Days, months and years went by, his fast eating habit got him really fat, he would eat anything because he did not know when he would get to eat again. One day, they got into fight with another group of feral cats. They were making so much noises, the neighbours were angry at them, cats were overpopulated in this area, they called it Sydney. The neighbours called the pound, they set trap. Metal and his group got caught. Most of the rescues were full, they decided to put these feral cats down especially this group because the boss were so mean.

A lady saw them, feel really sorry and called her alliance friends in Melbourne, a lady named Susan responded to it. She managed to ship them down to her home. Metal was happy, food non stops and warmth. Metal responded so friendly, Susan and her son loved him, she let him out of the cage and wandered around the house, he loved the son, remind him of the old man, friendly smile. He slept with him at night, so warmth and did not have to worry about strong winds, hails and rains.

One day, a lady knocked on the door, Metal was napping on top of the cupboard. This lady smelled like food, must know how to cook, she sat down with Susan and talked, Metal went straight to her, chirping, she loved him and pet him, she did not ignore him but quick taken by him. Just like that, Metal found his forever home.

A home where he is pet, can nap on the lap or bed at night, endless food supply (not quite), to be improved, he is loved by man and woman and endless people who come to visit, food, almighty food, there is also another beautiful but snobby cat. Metal does not mind her that much.

At least this is home, a home where he is loved.


Love the feral cats and give them a chance, you might find Metal too.

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