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The Kingdom is a 2019-2020 South Korean drama and It has two seasons. this article contains SPOILERS!!!

if you are into historical drama and zombies, this drama is for you. I am not really into zombies but I like this drama. It is unexpected storyline and it is a creative storyline is impressive.

The story is around Crown Prince Lee Chang who was accused in a coup to take over the throne from his very sickly father, by Minister Chu. The Chu family had taken the kingdom and the power of the palace. Chu’s daughter is the young queen and if Lee’s young step mother is pregnant, he will die.

Lee tried to visit his father but instead of the king, he met a beast who dressed in the King’s robe. The King was not sick but he was turned into zombie and Minister was using to run the Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the King’s illness spread widely when one of the doctor’s assistant was bitten and killed. His body was then eaten by refugees and the all turned into zombies.


The rest of the story will show you Lee’s journey against the Chu. Can he rescued the kingdom?

You might not guess the ending. This 12 episodes drama is captivating and interesting. I have seen it twice now and I am really not into zombies but the political struggles and the unexpected storyline are keeping me entertain during the isolation. Those zombies will definitely making you less lonely.


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