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The-ConfidantI was very eager to watch ‘The Confidant’ because of Michelle Yim and Wayne Lai but I have to say, I am very disappointed  I found the whole drama boring. Even the main character both Michelle and Wayne did not interest me much.

The drama did not really follow the history facts, which is fine because we did not really know what happened in the past. There was lots of twist and that could possibly happen. It focuses really on the life of the eunuch and it shows that without their manhood, they are still human being. they can love and hate.

I am not sure about you, I always assume not having their manhood means, they will no longer feel attraction to others or they would hide it so much. So, having eunuch in the Palace is a great idea to me but, after this drama, I just feel that is very inhuman thing to do to a person. Castration did not only taking someone’s manhood but also their dignity and rights to love and be loved.

The whole drama, only one character really interest me and that is An De Hai eunuch. He is so hard to tell, evil or not? betray or not? because this drama did not follow history plot, I do not know whether he was genuinly betraying Cixi or not. He is a character you do not want to mess with, better be on his good side. His love story is possible, I heard about eunuch married prostitute before. However, it was really sad that someone who has that kind of power still struggle in love. Life is fair.

Other love stories were just too annoying. Princess and eunuch, I am not saying that is not possible but too dramatic.

This drama makes me thinking about Michelle Yim character, Cixi. There were only few explanations that she did have two eunuchs that were loyal to her  (according to the history anyway).

  1. So, she must be a fair lady. She gained respect by her followers to do things for her. To have a slave that will do everything for you is almost impossible and she had two. She must really love her slaves.
  2. She was impossible and they scared of her. Based on history facts, she was known as evil so possible, but sometimes fear turned around and only made people wanted you, gone.
  3. They were really her lovers. If this is the case, why eunuch? she can get other men or women into the palace, it was possible during the Tang dynasty, I am sure, it was possible for her.

Out of the three, I rather believe on the first one. why? I believe a great leader can command people to be loyal to them. She was portrayed as an evil and thirsty empress because she wanted to rule. I always believe that if the men cant, why not let the women have a go. It has proven we as women can do things well but we are often prejudiced and criticised harshly. Cixi must be a hell of a woman to rule behind three emperors. Luckily, I am not her, I enjoy being just a simple woman although sometime I do envy, someone can see far and further. Ignorance can be a bliss.

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