The Big Bang Theory Finale

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Since yesterday, Netflix released the last season for The Big Bang Theory in Australia. I watch all 24 episodes after work and finally completed it today.

For people who have watched it for so long, it was good to see the ending of our sitcom. 12 seasons, a long 12 years and maybe my longest sitcom to date.

I shed tears for it, it was worthy ending for the show, and the end of the era. The sitcom was not just a show, sometimes it represents life events, I remember watching the show at my old place, i remember playing it everyday non stop to watch it again and again, the show also accompanied to many markings and stories. Bazinga, how that word is so special to me. I remember the download versions and the minix streaming version where internet was not the best and it was lagging and we had to stop and found new links during dinner. I remember watching it with someone special.

It brought back so many memories I have, so I was getting a bit emotional about it. It might also be because, there was a power outage and with the candles and nightime, it was loneliness that approached me.

I started to think a lot, but I also told myself, I have been through a lot in the last few years. I have grown into a better person and all those experiences have made me so much stronger. I was scared at the start of the darkness but I could soldier on and told myself, it is alright.

Women once they have grown so strong, they can do anything and I believe it. I remember once I was a kid, I was with my grandma one day, she wanted me to go with mum and the rest of the family but I forced myself to stay. It was a power outage as well and I started to cry, she called mum and they came with a boat to get me. I left her by herself and I always so upset about it that I was not strong enough to stay in the darkness with her.

I hope she is proud that her little girl has grown into a very strong woman and to be honest darkness does not scare me anymore. Human does sometimes, darkness actually is quite peaceful. You learn more about yourself in the darkness. Not wanting people to go through this but I am hoping everyone can find their strength within themselves to continue on with life, no matter what happen in your life right now.


Good Luck

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