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Being a teacher is fun, exciting and rewarding, I suppose you heard this a lot but most of the time being a teacher is tiring, driving you crazy and unhealthy.

Lots of markings, lots of things that you do not want to do but have to.However, I am not going to go on about the “minus” of being a teacher.I am going to share lovely and exciting sometimes even funny story about a teacher.

as a classroom teacher, I do share many crazy stories with my kids. I decided to share with my readers here (if I do have readers).

So with a cup of coffee or tea or anything enjoy this stories below.


X loves to do silly things and he always got caught by his teachers. One day, he was seriously thinking of something and were not paying attention to me. So I decided to ambush him by called up his name while he was in his depth imagination to ask him a set of questions, he was not happy about it. so when he could not asnwer me, I go on into giving him a sphere of being attentive, respect and learning. He sat down with a frown.

Not after a while, he put up his hand, with a serious look in his face, he asked me a question. He asked; ” Miss, do teachers have eyes at the back of their head?” suprised with his question, I asked him “Why asked?”. He answered “Because you guys always know what is going on”

I smiled and sat down.


Sometimes I do wonder, why dont kids think? it is always a suprise. I had this one student who was doing a task which I set her to do. It was a quiet working environment, so I sat there and doing my own work whereas the class were busy completing their task. This one girl was writing and rubbing out her work. It happened a few times until i got annoyed with her sighs. So I went to offer her some help.

I asked, “Why do you keep writing and rubbing it off?’ She answered,” because it just cant fit in, it is too long.”I glanced at her book and suggested to her, “how about if you write from the start of the line?”. She looked me impressively and said, “You are one smart cookie, Miss”. She smiled and I was thinking “isnt it general knowledge”.

SIGH*     there is no winning feeling here.

I hope you like this, if I got time, I will continue

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