Teachers during Covid-19

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Those who have teachers as friends, partners or family members, look after them, they are overworked at this turbulence time.

Teachers are doing this right now:

  • starting work earlier
  • more meetings to catch up if they are doing their work
  • meetings students in class to teach (less)
  • Many questions on your online teaching platforms (Google classroom, zoom, MS teams etc)
  • more email to reply to because students are not reading questions on the platforms
  • more emails from parents to complain more work, less work, cant please everyone
  • more emails from your admin about your certificates, work survey and events
  • more planning because the lesson was too short or too long or not suitable anymore due to policy changes at school
  • more PDs to ensure we are doing more work
  • more feedback surveys to fill
  • more marking because we need evidences of their learning
  • more email from students on their work
  • Longer hours of work, because we are doing admin stuff
  • more email to write because your kids are away in classes or not completing work
  • more questions from parents why the kids did not attend classes or completing work
  • more request to spend more one-on-one time with some kids
  • more request to reply email asap because their kids are different
  • more PPT /videos or any media o make to give instructions
  • more email about your media is not working
  • more email about what to do now
  • more email or questions why they are only getting satisfactory
  • more questions about not getting their perfect score
  • more complains from parents
  • more emails from your colleagues because it is your homeroom, they want to keep you in touch
  • more emails from your colleagues to ask for help.
  • at the end before you leave your laptop, more planning for tomorrow
  • you have worked a lot longer hour

No wonder teachers are drinking and alcoholic people. I have been having headache since last week and even panadol gave up on me. I need my sleep but even in my sleep, I am getting emails, I want to get a good night sleep, Friday night is my only night so far.

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