Taking my breathe away

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Finally I can go back to school, I was not 100% but I do not feel the guilt of missing classes. yeah yeah yeah, teachers.

Yesterday was fine but today it did not go to well, So many things to be handled and so many questions. I was starting to feel weak and dizzy. Then, during homeroom time, I got into an argument with one of my boys. After a series of yelling, I suddenly felt hard to breathe, tears started to pour down and my kids kept asking me “are you alright, Miss?”. I could not tell them I am not, I could not tell them go and fetch my ventalin. Cos my body was refusing my instruction.

Eventually, I managed to give one of the girls a sign to fetch my ventalin. She and her friends ran to my office and got one of my colleagues, she brought me a ventalin, my life saver. Teachers came to my class to assist. Nurse came too. They took me to sick bay in a wheel chair because I was too weak and too dizzy to move.

I lay there for few minutes with a strong feeling of guilt for yelling at my boy. I am sure he is feeling the same, he might start to think he cause it. It was not his fault but I was very unwell for days.

After about half an hour, I walked back to my office with one of my colleague and she wanted to give me support and help. She offered to write my extras and to help me printing, the acting vice principal told me not to worry about extras. One of them rang me to make sure I am safe at home and another one rang me to see if I am alright.

It is a scary incident but it was warm.

I felt lucky for having such a good group of colleagues offering  me supports, so many of them came and helped. Giving me medications, taking me to the office and covering my class.

But the priceless and most valuable things was to see the face of my kids that they cared.

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