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The growing numbers of COVID-19 victims in Australia is at the stage of really worrying. However, I dont understand why ScoMo is still not making a move. More schools are opting to have working from home because we are getting more young people diagnosed positively with COVID-19. The biggest age group is now around the 20-29 and then the thirties to forties. Although, the death rate is higher for the elderly, the young adults are not safe from COVID-19. They are our biggest spreader and hard to tell because often they do not show symptoms.

I was glad that on the news, they explained why we could contain SARS but not COVID-19. SARS had higher death rate due to being airborne and can affect all age group. COVID-19 is harder to control because it takes ages to be detected and as soon as you got infected, it is contagious. Most of us might not showing symptoms so we do not that we are sick and at the end, we are spreading it.

Being quarantine is our only way of surviving unless we can come with some kinds of vaccines or counter back to it. By being in quarantine, we stopped us spreading to others and after a period of time, the virus will die. Also, if we are contagious, many things we come across might have the virus and it takes a while for it to disappear. However, we are still so slow in tackling this. Government keeps saying about going into lockdown. Do it now and fast and this can go quickly or slow and not steady anymore, many people will die.

People are starting to take this more seriously and staying home, make a move, government please lead and not sending us mixed messages anymore.


Stay safe people and distance yourself

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