Sydney Siege

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It was a normal day in Sydney. Some people were rushing to work, some were just visiting, and of course, some were purchasing their presents for the festive seasons.

Most of them did not expect this to happen. A gunman in a coffee shop which would lead a painful, devastating and shocking 19 hours of siege.  A lunatic gun man who used the name of Islam had siege Lindt cafe, there were about 20 hostages in there.  He made them to hold an Islamic flag at the window, he even set up a rotate system to have the flag on the window.

In the first five hours, 3 hostages managed to escape, then 2 more. they were frightened.

The siege then continue, until 2 AM, the gunman seemed agitated. He then separated the hostages into two groups. The smaller group of seven managed to run out the door. Then there were gun shot, police went in. It ended. not! Two hostages were killed, many of them were traumatised. Police are still  investigating the siege.

This event has impacted Australia, some Muslim believers were attacked. It triggered the hashtag #illridewithyou to protect and support our Muslim friends who might be the victims of opportunist. This also brings us together! We will not surrender to this lunatic man.

He was just a criminal who did not deserve name to be mentioned here. He called himself a spiritual leader, if he was, we did not need religions. He was surely misguided and misunderstood Islam. It does not condemn killing, instilling fear and hurting others. He had a long and dark history of violence. He killed his wife, wrote letters to family of Australian soldiers and called them murderer. I believe forgive is one of the teaching not killing.

Why is a man like him is free to be roaming around Sydney? This is one off attack not by Islam.

I think we need to congratulate and acknowledge the effort of our police, emergency teams and all those were involved to rescue hostages. It was devastated that not all of them were safe. My condolence goes to the family. No one should experience this, unfortunately many of us did.

From now, we are hoping this will not happen again. We need a better Laws to avoid men like to walk around our community


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