Strawberry Shortcake

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I have tried out this is the only one where the cake is moist and not too dense. I failed miserably few times but this cake looks easy but it is one of the hardest, I have made. I haven’t made much and this is the first time I am decorating.

You need to follow step by step especially beginner.


  • 4 eggs room temperature (important)
  • 40 gr unsalted butter and milk (microwave – use warm not hot)
  • 50 gr honey (I forgot this but it tastes good too, honey is good to keep it moisture)
  • 95 gr sugar
  • Strawberry – keep 4-5 whole and other slice them into 2-3
  • 100 gr cake flour – sift at least twice
  • 300-500 ml heavy cream
  • a cup sugar – 75 gr
  • a teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • baking pan 20 cm – line bottom and side

How to make:

  • put the microwave 180 degree (320 F)
  • put your mixture of sugar and egg bowl on top of hot water (easier to melt sugar)
  • mix it until it is volumised and pale (5-8 mins) on high speed
  • draw signs to see if the mixture disappeared quickly or not – it should be there for a bit for few seconds
  • add honey
  • mix on low speed for 2-3 mins – smaller bubbles
  • put cake flour in and use a spatula by hand and fold about 30-40 times
  • add the combo mixture of milk and butter
  • fold 40-50 times
  • pour the mixture on your baking pan / mould
  • drop 2-3 times to remove big bubbles
  • bake 30 mins
  • once it is done, use toothpick to check if the inside is cooked
  • drop 2 times to prevent shrinking

whipping cream

  • add sugar and cream together on the whipping bowl and put on top of ice water to keep cream in place not melting
  • whip until stiff peak



  • cut the cake into two-three
  • put cream on top of each layers and add strawberry
  • use whipping cream and decorate the way you want.


Taste time!


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