Stop Yulin animal cruelty festival

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Yulin is now a centre of attention by International world through the social media but not for a good reason. They are going to held their annual dog meat festival which according to the media, it is only started in 2009. I am asking my fellow pet lovers to stand together and ban this so called festival but merely an animal abuse event. We are standing for the a right reason. 

Due to the festival, Yulin citizens has captured stray dogs and cats and put them in a small cage. These animals will be killed inhumanely, some were stoned and beaten to death, and some were skinned and boiled alive. This is animal abuse!

Not only that, some animals were actually pets and are stolen to feed the barbaric festival. Some animals were killed in front of cameras and on the street to show us how inhumane we are as a living kind.

Not only social media is outraged by this festival, China authorities has banned a similar festival in 2011. We need to stand together to banned this event permanently not just this year.

Yes, dog meat consumption started a long time ago in Chinese history during the Han dynasty as dog meat was seen as a delicacy but it has lost favour during the Sui-Tang dynasty as it was marked indecent habit. Dogs has since then are seen as buddies, helpers and loyal companies.

Dog meat was often seen to stimulate internal heat but you can do so but drinking hot tea or soup. No animals should be killed this way.

Transporting cats and dogs like that will increase the chance of rabies. China is second highest incidents of rabies in Human and guess what? Yulin is on the top ten.

Killing those cats and dogs will increase the reproduction of rats will also be a problem in term of Health and Hygiene. Remember we all know about Black Death is spread by rats and fleas. Remember too, SARS outbreak in 2004?.

Killing animals on the street will also send a wrong message to younger kids that animals abuse is acceptable. We should live peacefully together not torturing each other.

Human who consume the meat of those animals which are killed indecently will also endanger themselves to diseases. . These animals are poisoned to death, they were trapped by dont know what materials, they spread rabies among themselves in the small cage, they were starved and really, do you want to eat them?

The answer is no, let’s stop this craziness, remember we stopped Jinghua dog meat festival in 2011, we need to progress and stop this inhumane festival. It’s no festival here.


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