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sadI had a roller coaster mood today.

After being away for a day, I went back to work only to find out that we have an important night. That meant we had to stay and entertained important guests.

The classes were fine today, no major issues which I had to dealt with. However, people from the top went completely crazy in setting up for this important. It is nice to put some event one once in a while. Of course, they went overboard. They would rather throw kids outside their learning zone for setting up. They got rehearsal in the middle of the building and disrupted 16 other classes which were running.

They got teachers to clean chairs for their special guests. They checked and pinned point every single things we should not do.

They served alcohol at the events where kids were around as helpers. I drank, I normally would not do so in a workplace but I could not care any more.

The night went worse, someone was mentioned. Someone who was very close to our heart as a community. He passed away three years ago and until now, I wondered how things would be different with him.

Someone has once told me, he would be so angry and upset to see how our school has turned. I am not surprised, I am angry and frustrate too.

I really need a trip, a long trip away from all this rubbish.

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