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I hate talking about religions but I am going to preach a bit here.

Do not get me wrong, I love reading, studying and get to know religions. They are fascinating, oldest knowledges around. Most religions are open to interpretation since none of us live in those period of time. (Don’t shoot me yet)

Lately, I feel annoyed just reading or seeing it around. Too many of us are hiding behind our religions for good or bad. I read an article once, comparing religions and penises. It is good to have but not good to show around.

I really want people to adopt that rules.

I believe all religions have its own good and bad. Talk about Buddhism for example, cos I am a Buddhist (I can insult it since it is mine, my mess my business rule is very important here).

Talk, see and hear no evil.

It is not possible. Gossiping is my second nature, I love it with passions, I can’t stop doing it. Buddhism is about perfecting your Dharma to reach Nirvana. Honesty speaking, it is a good philosophy but it ain’t happening. why am I following it?. There are many religions out there, and I know Buddhism the best (I don’t know abundant of it but I adopt more kind of a select and taste rule), I do not know a lot about other religions due to my limited brain storage and too occupied by my cats. I do believe most religions are teaching people to be good.

Terrorism, for example, so many people are relating it to Islam. They are not Muslims, or/and extremist muslims, they are just a bunch of killers. They hide behind Islam, because they need support. Obviously clue number 1, they are not many of them, those crazy guys (Thank you God for that). I bet it is a small numbers hence the recruiting. They use Islam to recruit people, pretend to give those vulnerable hope and give those longing a sense of belonging. Once, they got them in (HAP), they use them again using the name of Islam and the God of Islam, ALLAH.

However, knowing a little bit of Islam, their advocacy is no killing. Love your friends and neighbours, sounds similar too right.

See, many of us good or bad, we are using our religions as our shields. It is really should be just you and your God. It should not be the headline on the media or social media or social life. There is a lot more we need to worried beyond religions. For example, when will TV and radio stop talking about the Kardhastian. I do not know them, but I think they should keep their lives to themselves.

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