Pura Pura Lupa

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Recently I listen to lots of Indonesian songs, there are more popular on IG and tik tok and this one is one of my favourite, I will slowly uploading them with the English translations


Pura Pura Lupa – Pretend to forget

oleh Mahen – by Mahen


Pernah aku jatuh hati – I was once falling in love

padamu sepenuh hati – to you with all my heart

hiduppun akan kuberi – I can give you my life

apapun akan kulalui – I will do everything for you

tapi tak pernah kubermimpi – I never dreamed of

kau tinggalkan aku pergi – one day you will leave

tanpa tahu rasa ini – I didnt know this feeling

ingin rasa kumembenci – I wished to hate you

tiba-tiba kamu datang – but you suddenly returned

saat kau telah dengannya – while you were with him/her

smakin hancur hatiku – my heart was broken

jangan datang lagi cinta – please dont come again love

bagaimana aku bisa lupa – how am I going to forget?

padahal kau tahu keadaaannya – while you knew the situation

kau bukanlah untukku – you are not the one for me

jangan lagi rindu cinta – dont miss me again love

ku tak mau ada yang terluka – I do not want to get hurt

bahagiakan dia – make him/her happy

aku tak apa – I am okay

biar aku yang pura-pura lupa – let me pretend to forget

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