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Current technologies have provided us with so many choices of presentation tools, so why stick with boring and overcrowded slides of powerpoint when you could easily make your presentation alive?

I am going to review two of them, Prezi and explain everything. Look, there are many options out there but you will need to research it.

Prezi is a good way of presenting your presentation more alive. the viewer will engage in your presentation because it is unpredictable how one slide is moving to another and it has zooming ability too. It is good especially the viewers are often bored in the meetings but for people often suffering  headache, it might get a bit too much. At least that was how I felt when another staff was presenting it using Prezi at the end of all day teaching.






Explain everything is similar to normal powerpoint presentation but it does provide you with recording. So no need to talk much in the meeting. You can add textbook, shapes, draw and media on it but it is very basic and lack of background / transition. I love this one especially when I cannot be there to teach them, I can record me teaching the lesson and write on the boxes to explain simple grammar.



I am sure some of you might know more of these tools or even know more of other interesting tools, maybe you can share with us too.

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