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Pokemon Go is the new phenomenon around the Globe.

For those who do not understand it, it seems like a cult. Hence, medias are trashing it.

As a player myself, I am biased. I think there are lots of things that are positive from this game but obviously I am not going to deny, there are dangers along with the game.

One my first day of playing, a guy almost got killed in front of me. He was playing Pokemon Go while crossing, the worse thing was he was not checking on the traffic. I could not deny, that I did it before. However, that was a wake up call for me. I could be that guy.

Playing Pokemon Go while driving is pretty much suicide waiting for happening. Do not drink and drive.

What are the positive about this game?

I saw many parents are bonding with their children while catching pokemons together. Mums and dads who are driving their childrens to find pokemon, find a topic starter. Obviously those topics are expanding.

There are more people at the park, walking, running and hunting. Many suddenly realise that they are healthier. Most players I have seen, said they are walking at least 10K per day. Same here. My worse day since the last three weeks were 8K. Some days I got to 20K. I have better night sleep too.

People are suddenly realising that their surroundings are beautiful, full of amazing art works. Some we have never seen. I have been to some of the areas numerous times, I still missed so much of it. My sense of community is stronger too as I come to appreciate this country.

It is a good conversation starter. I met many people who are playing alone, making friends on the park. This is a good conversation exchange. You met many interesting people.

People are not hunting real animals, I still consider that as a cruelty and by hunting pokemons, animals are safe.

Do not rub this off completely, it is a good game, best playing in a team and hunting together.


Gotta to catch them all.


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