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Parasite is a 2019 Korean movie. It was claimed to be one of the must watched movie and it won many awards. I rewatched it again today because last time, I fall asleep for some of the parts and finally I get to watch the whole movie. It was on my to-do-list which been delayed so much. Since the lockdown V.2 is back on in Melbourne, I thought I will get to it before schools start.

I really like the movie and I like how it address the issues of social and economic inequality in Korea but it does apply for the rest of the world. The story is about a poor family of Kim who tricked the Park’s family and slowly invaded their wealthy family by pretending to be an English tutor, art therapist, maid and driver. The Park does not know that those four people are related. The movie has two memorable sets, the basement of the Kim and the mansion of the Park.

Two very different scenes, one is dark, smelly and unhygienic and one is bright, huge and immaculate. Their two different windows, one you can see people pissing on the street and one is green grass and privacy. Which one would you prefer?

The second time I am watching this, it has different feel to it. You start paying attention to this scenes more and this time I am not sleeping too, I kind of feel sorry for the first house keeper, hiding her husband in the basement to avoid loansharks. It is brilliant idea but they should have find her wife, I am pretty sure how that plays out.

The plot is about Kevin (Kim’s son) fake his degree to be the tutor for Park’s teenage daughter, with that, he managed to get his sister, Jessica, who posed as an art therapist to work with Park’s young son. Park’s wife is a rich but does not pay attention to detail, she does not need to, she got the money for it. Slowly, Jessica got rid of Park’s driver and her father was put on to replace the driver. Now, they only need to get their mother in to the mansion, they got rid of the first housekeeper and the whole family was in. The end, not so much.

That was the start, the Park started to notice the basement / poverty smells of them. They did not like it and this is very important point of the story, the judgement of the rich family was starting to creep into the Kim. They starting to feel belittle even though the Park has said nothing. It was the gestures, like nose pinching.

One day, the Park went camping and the Kim moved into the house, the first housekeeper showed out late at night and wanted to pick up her stuff which she left behind in the hurry. Then, the Kim realised that she kept her husband in the basement when the house was first built. It was built by an architect and the house basement was a hiding space if one day North Korea invaded them, very unlikely right now to happen. The house keeper saw the family and was going to report them, she was killed and her husband was furious. At the same time, the Park returned due to heavy rains in the areas, forcing the Kim and the children to move back home only to realise their basement house was flooded. Kim has not be the same ever since, he was filled with rage and jealousy.

One occasion, the house keeper’s husband got out during Park’s son birthday party, he hit Kevin with a big stone few times, he fall in his own blood mess, the husband went on to kill the daughter, he was killed by Kim’s wife. Park’s son saw and had a seizure, Park was asking for the key, when he picked up the key, he pinched his nose, Kim lost it, he took the knife and killed Park. Kim disappeared after the murder.

I wont spill the ending for people, watch it yourself.

I want to discuss few things though, the social inequality, it is very true around the world not just Korea. However, i think this movie highlight the big gap in Korea, it was hard to watch many of the scenes; the wifi searching, the flooding and the pissing scenes, etc. There are many families living like this under the basement or those in cage housings in Hong Kong, our homeless people. They could earn money and still unable to afford to buy or even rent a decent place. This is a global issue and it is not easy to address or solve, however, it might be the time to do something because people should not be living like this.

Forgery, and identity thefts, how easy these days to do it. I forged my mother’s signature when I was at school, I got a bad mark and did not want to be told off. However, these days, it is more malicious intentions. I saw once, something was stealing letters, they did not want to read your personal letters, but they were searching for cards, debit, credit and etc or your bank statements. These days more virtual, online, how many people I do know, highly educated and became the victims of this. Words to words are better recommendations, yes and no, do you want to be like the wife, it is good but ask more people. Police check is a must if you are using a maid, driver, baby sitters. You really do not know what happened behind the windows.

Many people will blame the Kim, but some people should address the behaviour of the Park too. They are the victims but do they really care about their employers? I have never seen they asked them about anything, of course, being a movie, it is not real, many employees, I know do speak politely and care about their staff members but Parasite tries to expose the selfishness of the rich and slavery of the poor using money, the scariest tool for war of the class conflicts. They showed the rich wife who cannot do anything, cant cook or clean, the son with issues in growing up. We are seeing more children who are raised like prince and princess, they do not know how to look after themselves without the protection of their parents. The parents will do everything for them or having someone who can do it. Hence, many of them are struggling at schools. Many of them do not see their parents or do not know how to deal with them, because they were never being told NO in the family.

Obviously, I cant solve the problems here, but it is good to raise those concerns and hopefully, we can all do something about it, please raise your children right and it is not easy but dont give them up. I love the Kim, even though they are poor, they do care about their children. Simple things such as good luck with the interview, I am proud of you and stay with them when they are growing up means a lot to a child.


Good luck being a parent


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