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It is a new forum on Fortune telling. It is very interesting with many different types of fortune telling.

Lately,  I just quit from my job. On my last day, many people approached me and commented that I was a strong and always knew what I want.My best fren

Baru habis nonton berita …. trus ada berita tentang perlunya jumlah polisi di kota Melbourne, setuju buanget. Melbourne 2008 ini sudah berbeda buanget dengan melbourne 9 tahun yang lalu. Kesan

以前的友谊还记得吗? 是否也大家也还记得我?很想念小时候的朋友和同班同学。 大家好吗?在哪里呀? 作十么? 阿花和阿明还在一起吗?分手了吗?结婚了吗? 阿红有小孩吗?变胖了吗? 我想看相片 寄给我吧。 我想看先鞭

It is the end of my two weeks holiday. same like before, I have done not much. but I did experiment with cooking. Most of the time it was caused