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I watched lots of facial tutorial and lately I came across a few natural ingredients as a make up removal. I tried olive and baby oil in both of my eyes and I can tell you which their good and bad points.

Another one which I heard is great is vaselin but I have not tried it. Maybe … I might(Maybe?????)

I find baby oil cleans faster and cleaner than olive oil, but it leaves lots of oil on your face too. I know it is good for your skin but I am just not comfortable to have it too long on my skin. I am not saying that olive oil will not leave oil but it will not be as uncomfortable as the baby oil.

Baby oil can sting a bit on your eyes, so if you are sensitive to baby oil, try just a little bit to see if it is the best for you. If not, stop using it.

olive oil is my favourite so far as I can also use it to clean the rest of my face. It works wonder and my pores are getting smaller.

There are people using jojoba oil as well, when I attended aromatherapy class, I love that oil but I really would not recommended daily use for a period of time. It is the closest to our skin but use in moderate.

Have fun with natural ingredients.

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