Netflix VS Stan

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For those in Australia, we are having a battle war between streaming service providers. The popular one here is between Netflix, Stan, Foxtel and maybe Disney. There is also Binge where you need to use their NBN services or buying the machine.

During lockdown, I downgraded Netflix from twenty dollars where I can have two or more tv simultaneously on but during lockdown I signed up for 30 days free trial with Stan too. Now, I am paying $20 for two services. I was going to cancel my Stan subscription but it does have Seinfeld and Everybody loves Raymond, my favourite American sitcoms where I can watch everyday. Stan does have a lot old dramas and sitcoms and also Australian shows. I prefer Netflix because Netflix has lots more foreign shows such as Indonesian and massive collection of Korean too. I am really not into Korean and I watched Chinese shows on YouTube. I really was not going to keep Stan but I see potential and I am paying the same for two services so I decided not a bad deal.

I am recently keen on Disney because I want to watch Marvel marathon but decided to do it for Christmas instead. I have learnt to enjoy staying home during lockdown and I will continue to do so and only goes shopping or dining if necessary. I will use these services to the fullest.



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