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I decided to keep a list of things I want to have and I could cross once I have gotten them. I am just hoping my hubby will come and visit before he goes to get my presentssssss.

1. An air conditioned – especially summer is coming closer and closer. (He bought it very cheap)

2. New clothing – I believe I will never cross this one out.

3. new shoes – another item which I will never cross

4. bags – well, what can I say, I am a woman

5. Sex and the city movie DVD – but will it have a special edition? hmm tough call

6. my favourite movies such as madagascar, ice ages etc (honey, if you are looking at this one, check with me first cos I am changing my mind all the time.

7. new dolls – I think i might have to purchase this myself.

8. a house – somewhere it belongs to me.

9. Dramas – too many to mentions

10. food – beginning and end of everything.

well, after ten of them, I decided to give up ,,, too much to buy and too little money I have.

Maybe money will really fell down from sky …. hoping … hoping ,,, it is still not happening.


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