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Muah chee is type of snack from Singapore. I always ate it when I visited Singapore although the last time, I went there, there were not many people selling anymore. I made it again today. I just realised, the second time is so much easier. I remember I put in lots of effort the first time, anyway, I better write it down this time so I will never forget.


Sesame seeds

unsalted peanuts


glutinous rice flour (1 cup)

water (1 cup)

How to make it:

I toasted the peanuts and sesame lightly to get the fragrance. It makes the house smells good too. I did remind me of the shopping centre food court in Singapore where they sold Muah chee.

I mixed the peanuts, sesame and sugar together and left it aside on a baking pan.

I mixed the glutinous rice flour and water (1:1) and stir

then I put oil on my pan and pour the mixed flour and water, i turned it every 20 seconds

it takes me about three times turning, it is ready to be added to the peanuts mixture.

serve and enjoy it.


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