more victims of violence

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Most of us would have heard about the shooting rampage in Connecticut.

A man shot principal, counsellor, teachers and most important small kids.

We are shocked by this news, and we could not understand the reasons behind it.

they are angels, they are kids and they are the victims.

They are bad people in the world, they are bad decisions by us as adults.

Do you want this to happen again?, how many times before we actually learn?

Gun is the solution but it is definitely a problem.

People said that take away the gun licence will not stop the problem,

I agree, but it would be a start.

Media and entertainments, do not glorify gun, do not make it cool.

do not make it so attractive because we do not want more of this.

To those family and friends, we are sorry for your loss even we do not know you guys personally

it touches our heart the pictures of those heroes and angels.




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