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Finally, I have been wanted to watch Marvel Movies in a marathon style. It has been on my to do list for sometime but first it was hard to get all of them before streaming online, I wanted a good quality and time to relax and enjoy it. I made this a priority before Xmas holiday, and I signed up to Disney for a month trial and I started to watch from 23 of Dec and only finished it yesterday 29th. It takes a long time, 22 movies in 6 days. I did stop and went to do few other stuff such as catching up with friends, exercise classes and of course fallen asleep during the movies.

I like about streaming online, I can just rewatch it again and again. I really enjoy watching it at home, it would be great to watch it at the cinema, dont get me wrong, the effects would be amazing, but I need to move around a lot, I do have ADHD, I am sure hence sitting down long time is not my forte.

anyway, back to the Marvel. It has been an incredible 11 years for those who have been following it. I came to love it a lot, just like X-Men, however, with X-men, I was one of the followers until recently. I came to love some characters so much it was hard to lose them, I really love Iron Man, I love Robert Downey Junior and watching his interview, he cared about his friends, he ensured that everyone got to speak during the interview. I really love Scarlett Johansson too, the Black Widow. She is the glue of the group although I was shocked about her and the hulk. I like the hulk more than Bruce Banner. Hulk and Thor combo in Ragnarok was funny. The scene where Thor was trying to activate the Quinjet, the strongest avenger, it failed and when hulk tried, it was a success, Chris Hemworth was not happy. I wonder who is stronger between the two. Those two should be a comedian.

I thought Black Widow will end up with Hawkeye, but he got married and has three children. I envied their friendship, it was a true friendship, men and women can be just friends. They totally showed it. Captain America, I do not really like his character but Chris Evans is funny man. He must really be a good actor so he can portray Captain America so well. He is too strict and seem to have less fun. I did like his ending where he chose what he wanted in life not what life has taken from him.

Those micro characters in Marvel, Spiderman, Falcon, Wanda, Vis, Ant Man, those from the Guardian of the Galaxy, Black Panther, they were really not my style. I had to survived watching those before The Infinity wars and Endgame have been a torture for me. People said Thor Ragnarok was bad but I watched it as a comedy, so I enjoyed more than those and Spider man is annoying, he talks too much.

I also like Doctor Strange, I like the story and his special ability and his relationship with Wang, they were talking about laugh and money, so cute. Best couple ever.

Overall, it was a worthy experience to endure 6 days of 22 movies and to have Infinity wars and End game as ending. I cried at the end (of course when it was RDJ) when Iron Man died. When Pepper told him that they would be fine and Happy was talking to Morgan about cheeseburgers. We have seen Tony Stark grew from a ignorant rich man to a responsible father, it was hard to le this character grow. I will always love his smart remarks and thinking outside the box Tony Stark. I love his friendship with Rhodes, his wing man.

The End game, we said goodbye to three important characters, Yes, Captain America retired and gave his shield to Falcon to take over. I believe Chris Evans is not returning anytime soon to Marvel. Half of the original six crews have left the francise, and this is the problem with movies like this. You really like a character but you have to say goodbye to it too.

However, at least they have done the End game, for those who do not want to see the new Iron Man and etc, can stop from here.

I really recommend people to spare some time and re-watch it in a marathon, again, it was so worth it with snacks and drinks.

I wonder now to do the same again with X-Men, it is hard to follow though for that one.




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