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A bad news came today, two people which I knew quite well ended their marriage even though it was a short marriage but it was unexpected for them to end it like this.

Marriage is hard and it is not only based on love. Love is not everything but compromise is. Living with another human being is just hell, both of you came from a difference households with different lifestyles. Accept the fact that you will fight with your partner, it is meant to be. If a couple tell you that they never fight, either they are lying or they are doom.

Things you will fight with your partner is not always huge matter but most of the time is the little things that kills. He might has forgotten to shut the door, turned off the light or left the cup on the table for two minutes. We tend to judge people but remember people are judging you too and if you are someone like me who does not really care about other’s opinions but your partner is not just any random person. You will learn to accept their views and either you come with an agreement or it is a battle of the wits.

I was lucky before I got married, my friend’s parent taught me an important lesson about marriage which I hoped it would help you too. They have been married for over 30 years and they would not fight for more than a day. One of them would always make the first move and reconcile. they told me if we listen to our ego that we would not settle with our partner, just remember those delicious dinner, the walking heater during winter and those boring and quiet days, he sat next to you. Also, there is another Chinese quotes which I love and I might not translate it right but you should know the meaning.

床頭吵架床尾和 – quarrel at the headboard of a bed and make up at the end of the frame.

So there is really no easy marriage, the two things might help you when you are fighting are the reason you both tie a knot and those promises and vows on your wedding days.

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