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This is an old Hong Kong police movie which I came across. I love HK police movies, they do put effort in making great police movies there, unlike those in other places around the world, some are just a comedy but the real crime movies in HK, I feel their efforts in their creation.

This is one of the best especially it is played by Sean Lau and directed by two best directors of HK too. The story is rather surprising, I though it was going to be a scary and horror film but it is different.

Sean is a mad detective whom was invited by Inspector Ho to assist him with a case of missing policeman. Two policemen went to pursuit a suspect but one disappeared in the forest. Inspector Ho invited Sean who was forced into retirement many years ago because he was condemned crazy when he cut off his ears for his superior during the retirement party of his superior. Sean was known at the time to be a brilliant detective as he could see inner personalities of people (7 sins).

Sean came to assist the case and could see inspector Ko has 7 inner personalities, greed is representing by a fat man who is always panics, a cold calm woman who can turn black to white, a violence man, and etc. Sean suspected that Ko has killed his partner but why and how? Sean liked to experience victims’ views before finding and/or naming the killers because he could understand the motive.

Sean realised that Ko killed his partner because he lost his gun and taking by the suspect, Ko could get into a lot trouble and might stop him from getting the promotion and also his partner was going to report his missing gun, he shot him and swapped their gun numbers on the database.

Ho, was amazed with Sean and followed him until he thought Sean betrayed him when he left him in the burial site while experiencing how Ko’s partner died. Not only leaving him, Sean took Ho’s gun, and worried that Sean might use it inappropriately, he told his girlfriend and borrowed her gun to pursuit Sean.

Sean finally got Ko and shot him, but Ho shot Sean at the same time. Ko died on the spot, Sean could see the inner personalities of Ho, the small kid had a calm and calculating woman inner personality who advised him what to do.

Apparently there are many ending of the movies, the HK version and the China’s versions have different ending but many people were not happy with the China’s version because it has cut many of the scenes and confused people. HK ending has the brilliant ending and more explanations.

This movie has won many awards and I was so glad to come across about it


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