Love begins

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I met him on the internet in 2003, we did not know that one day we would walk down the aisle together. we were just two strangers, we became friend with a group of friend who later introduced us. First time we met around the end of the 2003, we knew we were both interested but I knew that was not possible.  I did not want a Long distance partner and I knew he did too. Life has another plan for us.

He wanted a chance in January 2004 and I gave him the chance. It lasted 4 years of separation, 2 meetings and hundreds of fights, arguments and thousand litres of tears. It worth it, trust me it does.

the end of 2008, ocean was no longer our barrier, distance was no longer a matter. we stood next to each other and we could have each other in arms. It was a blessing and fate.

2009, we were pronounced as husband and wife. We had the ring and the piece of paper to prove to everyone. People, it could have been a mistake but if that happened, it would be the best mistake.

I hope if you have share the same journey as we are, you would end your story like mine.

Do not ever underestimate love, it is strong.

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