Life and Driving

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how would you describe life?

I think life is like driving cars on the freeway.

Some people have to drive a long way to get to their destinations, some people’s destinations are just around the corner.

Some people have to make a few rounds to get to the correct way, some people will miss their turn completely.

Some people are slow to get there, some people are speeding

sometimes, there are bumps and lucky people have a smooth ride home

We have all been on the traffics, we experience anger, sadness and worried but eventually we got there

some people never make it to their destination, there are lots of RIP signs for them on the side of the street

Some people will need to make a stop on the emergency lines, from time to time we need a break

some people take a leisurely drive, some few times to get to a place

Some people are intimidating, some are scared being intimidated

some just by themselves, some cars were full with people

Some cars are checked by authorities, some got away with it

You have seen new and old cars, from different brands and colours, as long as they are working, we are happy

Some have an accidents and needed support

some have an accidents, blaming others and some of them are nuisance

Some cars are well looked after, some will require love and care

Some are not even cars, there are trucks, motorbike and from time to time, bicycle.

Don’t surprise there are animals too

some cars have given more information about the drivers, stickers with how many people and pets, some have evil and angel logos, and more

some cars are disguising themselves using paints and decorations

some cars are hideous, some cars are lovely

No matter, what type of cars, eventually, it will be taken off the road

which one is really you?



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