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安家 / I will find you a better home, is a 2020 Chinese drama. It is played by Sun Li, the actress who played Zhen Huan (Empresses in the Palace), The Legend of Mi Yue,  and Nothing Gold can Stay. Sun is known as the Queen of the Television in China, she often played strong woman characters, queen or leaders or the head of the family. In this drama though, she is playing as a strong woman who is seeking a chance to freedom and success.

Sun’s a real estate agent, she working for this family called An Jia (settle down or safe home) real estate, hence the drama series is called An Jia. She came from a rural town and a poor family, it was her grandfather who encouraged her to continue to study and she worked bloody hard to get to her current position as one of the best real estate agent in Beijing. Her boss assigned her to work in Shanghai, where the manager, Xu, and his team is not performing well enough in selling houses. The drama is not exceptionally great but I love how this drama series is addressing so many issues in society and maybe not just China but beyond.



Here is the breakdown of the stories and the issues that people are facing:

Pediatrician’s In Laws

Dr Gong is a pediatrician and she wanted to sell her one bedroom home in Shanghai where she shared with her husband, both her in laws and a son. She is currently heavily pregnant and they wanted to buy before the birth of the second child. However, with their limited income, she is worried, she wanted to move near school areas, great schools’ area housings are highly sought by families in China. She is not happy living with her in-laws because often they wont listen to her professional advice about raising children. Both her in-laws are not highly educated but think since they have brought up her husband, they can raise children better than her. Her long working hours and her husband often busy too, they do not have a choice until eventually, she wanted to buy a second house where she can raise her children her way. Her husband was unhappy with her because to him, her parents can do no wrong. He is those typical father who rarely involve in raising children and expecting everyone to do things for him. He is another baby in the house where Dr Gong has to raise, she eventually told him, she would buy a two bedroom and move out with the children, he is welcome to live together or he can stay with his parents, she wont ask for a divorce but she wanted to have peace. In laws problems are getting way too common these days, many in-laws are purposely forcing their ideas and neglecting the couple’s marriage privacy and rights. Parents are often too caring is not a good thing either, they are too involve and often will lead to tragedy, parents do need to give their children a space for them to grow. One thing parents really need to learn, to let go. Generations are different now, old ways are not often right, it is a custom only and should not be treated the only way to get to Rome.


The Influencer

Shanghai Mala is a famouse online influencer in Shanghai, he worked by showing people his video how to create metal furniture and decor. He is one of the highest paid influencer in Shanghai but his family does not support his career’s choice. He often broadcasts his video at night where his parents are sleeping and the viewers are high, his father came into his room and broke his creation during a live broadcast and they had a fall out. However, Shanghai Mala is our typical new young generation who does not think ahead, He works during the night and sleeps during the day. His father and mother and neighbours do not know what to do with him anymore, until Sun’s found a house for them, a running house, where 2 apartments was combined into one, the toilet is located outside near the lift. It is a penthouse, when you come out of the lift, you would normally go left or right to your apartment but the developer has made into a big house. The one bedroom apartment only has a sky view because it was originally build for the rubbish room. Sun made the one bedroom into a two-storey building, when his work place is on the top near the window on the roof and his bedroom under the work area, the room is far from the main two bedroom house, so the parents can finally sleep. Only when he bought the house, the parents realise that he is earning enough money to support himself, they are still concern about his well being though. The generation gap is becoming bigger, many parents do not understand the Internet and to them, this people are just sitting in front of computers, and they seem like they are not working but they are, maybe not all, but our parents came from a generation where to earn money, you need to go to work and they often work for a place for years, but we are not the same. To us, changing jobs are necessary to get us to where we want and online is currently the gold mine especially during covid.


Breaking Bun

Yan’s couple are two matured couple who have been selling buns in the old area of Shanghai many years, the neighbours know them very well, they work very hard for their newly  married son, so they want to buy him a new house so they can stay together. They put their son’s name on the property but on the day of signing the paper, the daughter in laws breaks the news that she is pregnant with their grandchildren and she should be on the list. They agreed to it, however, while they are waiting for their rental list to be over, the daughter in laws asked her mother to move in to this one bedroom apartment. When they came with all their belongings, they have no way to sleep and was not welcomed. They moved to their bun’s shop and their son did not even ask if things were going okay, it was Xu and his team, found them a new place outside of Shanghai where they can continue to rent and run their bun shop. Parents should look after their children but also need to look after themselves first. Property and Finance should be cleared between parents and children, children should not be taking advantage of their parents or expecting their inheritance. They are not theirs, children should seek their own way of life and expect nothing from the parents.


True Love

In Shanghai, there is a type of housing called Lao Yang Fang (老洋房), old fusion of western and eastern house in Shanghai, often built during the the glamours time of Shanghai where many westerners were residing and working there. Xu is a well known Lao Yang Fang seller, many people would come to him to buy or sell those type of houses, he even wrote a book about this type of housing. There were about 4000 Lao Yang Fang in Shanghai and only about 100 of them are in the market for buying and selling according to the drama. They can sell for a sky high prices. Song’s couple are an elderly couple and they own a Lao Yang Fang, their house has three storey, they lived in the middle storey and the other two belong to Grandma Song’s sisters but they have passed and now their children inherited the apartments.  The Songs wanted to sell the house because Grandpa song is unwell with cancer and he wanted Grandma to move to a house/apartment with lift to ease her movement, but Grandma wanted the money to take him overseas for treatment. Her nephews are rubbish, they kept lying about wanting to sell the house but made it impossible for them. They would miss the signing day and time, pretend to be busy, hospitalized to avoid signing the agreement. Until Grandpa Song has passed, they did even come to visit and this couple has treated them like their own children. Grandma Song also passed about few days later and immediately they came to organise her funeral and on the same day, they went to sell the house, they wanted to split the 5 Millions between the two families. Luckily, Grandma Song who was very disappointed with the nephews, donated her apartment to the government. Now according to Shanghai’s rules, Lao Yang Fang can only be sold as one unit. Now with her donating her part, the house cannot be sold anymore, so originally they could earn about more than 1 M but due to their greediness to earn more than 2 M, they ended up with nothing. I like the move of the Grandma Song, Greedy people will get their Karma soon. Our society are fulled of people who only think of themselves, unfortunately, this kind of story is not the first and wont be the last.


The Snob

Sun has sold a luxury apartment to a rich guy, he bought it for his parents, however, his parents are those entitled rich and arrogant people. They looked down upon you and think the world is revolving around them. They continued to abuse Sun and when she took them to sign the transferring of the ownership, the old guy, slammed the door on her. It was an accident but their behaviors were disgusting. They yelled at her to be quick because they were in the house to meet someone, they did not even check if her hand was okay and the official at the office wanted her to go to the doctor first and they yelled at him because they had no time to waste, they were in the hurry to go home and pack and travel. We are breeding more of these self entitled human being that are good at whinging and complaining, they are are every where now and also the reason Melbourne goes into lockdown stage 4.


Generation Promises

Keng is a housekeeper of one of the Lao Yang Fang, he is the third generation housekeeper for the house. His grandfather was told by the owner to look after the house when they went overseas, to acknowledge his loyalty, he gave Keng’s grandfather the maid unit outside of the main house. It was a two bedroom mini unit. Even since the owner left, they heard nothing until three generations later, Keng is finding it hard to keep up with the maintenance and he and his wife want to move out. They want to live closer to their son who is now refusing to continue the promise. Xu and Sun are trying to find the owner because they have a buyer. Unfortunately, when the owner turned up, he was happy to pay them the maintenance fee but refuse to take the evidence of the gift of the house. The owner sell the house privately to the buyer. They buyer came to renovate, luckily, they informed the media and they fought for the rights of Keng and his loyalty. Being loyal is great but if your loyalty is treated as a rubbish, time to move. Loyalty is something so hard to find these days and many people are no longer valueing them. They are now seen as weaknesses or stupidity.


Do not Judge The Book by Its Cover

Sun when she first started at her job, she had a man wanted to buy an apartment, he had a mafia look and the low tones made him looks and sounds scary and bad. However, he turned out to be a real sweet heart to her. He treated her like a sister and would assist her from time to time. We often judge people too early before knowing them, almost when you see someone with a tattoo, first impression, bad person, mafia, prisoner and we will stay away, my experience, more and more people with tattoos these days, often they are just normal like us. In the drama, there are many guys in suits who are selling houses, one of them, sold an auction house to his customer and the customer lose all his money, when he came to seek justice, the agent ran away. People in suits are not always the good person either.


Fake Friend

Have you ever have friends that are nice to you because they wanted something? I met few people like this too. Ning is a single mother, she met Sun by accident during a stormy night, Sun felt pity for them because she was one of those people who hid in the ATM machine portable when she first came to Shanghai and had no money. She then helped Ning to sell her house, Ning did not want to raise her price but wont go down either even though the market is not great. Her apartment is considering okay, nothing really stand out, during the time, Ning often asked Sun to assist with her child, baby sit, taking and picking her to and from school. Until she met a guy, they went to sell the house privately and wont pay her her real estate agent fee. Often when you met someone like that, you give them a second chance, but for me, I do not need fake people around me, I cut them out immediately, too much crap and issues.


The Mistress

Mistresses are every where now, the numbers of women must be so high so they think it is alright to break marriages. Often men are stupid too, they believe these women will stay with them when they are poor. Mistresses are often giving them men the impression, they are in for love. Love is the start, money and/or status are next. The writer online thought she found a real love with Mr Kan who is married with four children. His wife stood by him when he was nothing until now he is rich, he was fooling around. This writer is not his first, and last. She somehow thinks he would give up his wife for her, she wanted to move in to be his only and official wife. Dream on, lately there are many Youtube and Facebook vidoes and reports on mistresses. They want to earn their status easily but a real woman will stay with one day from 0-100 not only be there for the success and for men who gave up on their wife, who stood by them, you are a fool. There are also women who are fooling around and given their man a cuckold. Those women are equally sickening.


Feng Shui 

Of course buying houses, you can avoid feng shui. Chinese people believe them so much not just them though, so many people. I think Feng shui should help not making life difficult. This guy is a fake master of Feng shui, he wanted to work with Sun to get his rich followers to buy houses more than the market price so he can earn 30% of the profit. Every religion has their own satan, this guy is one. Hence I really think religion should only between you and your God. Many people are using religion as a tool for fight, a good religion will teach you to be a nice person, right now, I rather follow the devil, it sounds more fun than faking it. I believe in Feng shui but I do not like to be told what to do, a real master should just tell you be careful of  danger, not to make you richer or fulfill your stupid wishes or even tell you to find your replacement for bad lucks, God/s are to busy that way.


Murder Houses

Real estate agents sometimes have to sell murder houses, some people believe that often a murder will have evil spirit. You know what, there are people die everywhere, if you have done nothing wrong, do not be afraid. Not saying there is no ghost in the world. I believe in evil spirit, I remembered many years ago, I went to see a house, as soon as I walked in, I felt uneasy, I felt watched and unwelcome. I shut the door immediately and left. I remember in the past, someone has given me a safe word to us if something is not right, I still remember the word, and hope you have one too and hoping that might save you one day. However, every houses are waiting for the right owner.


I like the drama also addressing the housing issues, the cupboard princess, where the family of three, live in a studio apartment and their daughter was sleeping in the cupboard as her room. you can sit on it and lay on it but not standing. The chili oil man who eats with chili oil and rice because he want to save money to send home. The fake father scene, where the father is someone else but because you are nice, I will tell you that you are the father, The hero turn murderer because he was seen threaten someone but he saved people, the money crazy family, used people as bait for you to send money home and suck you dry. Also, the pervert, who want to buy a house when you are in cosplay.


I do like this series, they made it not as serious as the problems are sounding and I really like Sun’s performance in the show.


Hope you can watch it too.

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