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I am going to review apps in my blog from now on, it is actually something I have done since I bought my Ipad. However, I only use my husband’s forum to do it and it is only in Indonesian. Due to the nature of my curiosity, my Ipad is full of rubbish apps which I do frequently review and hardly deleted useless apps. My husband thinks that I am an appers hoarders, a person who keeps collecting apps.

So instead of keeping those rubbish to myself, you might want to download it into yours too. Most of my apps I downloaded, I did do some research on them and tried before I would recommend.

Let’s start this rubbish

  • Instagram: a famous photography apps which you can take pictures and play with the features such as make it looks vintage. This is very user friendly apps and you can share it with your friends on instagram and the fabolous thing is you can also ‘like’ it. Like is so famous nowadays since it started on facebook.
  • Instatext: When I downloaded instagram, I quickly realised that I needed an apps to write, I wanted to make comment on my pictures so then I searched around and found this free apps. It was easy to use, (I prefer user friendly apps) and it contains so many fonts styles for me to choose. I would definitely recommend this to go with instagram especially it is free anyway.
  • PicCollage: I have been searching for this kind of apps for a while. I saw some of my friends uploaded collage pics and they looked so nice. Really, pictures say a thousand words, and I need more than thousand. So I have been looking at reviews and eventually come to this. I just use it and it is so easy, just exercise your finger, tap and choose. You would never go wrong with it. You also could add stickers (limited only unless you want to buy) also text and background.

have a play with them and stay tune.


I just want to do a quick review on this, do not install it. I installed in my IPad 2 with IOS 5.1 but since I installed, I was able to use it once and then crashed. Before I was going to installed, I read the review and it did mentioned it but I thought I might be lucky, certainly wrong. Not worth your time.

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