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I had a target at the start of the year to write at least once a month and post it on my blog. I haven’t been lazy. I have written everything in my mind, brain and heart just no time for blog.

Furthermore to miss only November this year, I still did better than last year so I should award myself … *_*smiling at my husband.

So I decided to recap my November here:

  • Spent lots of time bitching about work and honestly I loved it. (there were many bullying incidents at work and I stood strong with the victims to bitch about those bullies).
  • Thought about doing my assignments and I went to the library to work only to complete a line. (I sat there for few hours and then I played games).
  • My fat cat annoyed me a lot but my grumpy cat kissed me heaps.
  • Officially is known as a crazy cat lady. My students and colleagues have all heard about my cats’ problems.
  • Doing drop off and pick up. (city and train stations).
  • Learnt about cat wet food, by pass means non nutritional ingredients.
  • Visited Sydney, the opera land … loved it and would go back again. Food are better in Sydney especially their Indonesian cuisines will make you drool.
  • Been to Canberra, the land of boredom. I really hoped that the capital city would be more interesting but mind you, I had a really bad tour guide who did not let me shop and I lost my interest. I was hungry and only had sandwichesssssss.
  • Had the worst hay fever, symptoms are red eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing and grumpiness.
  • Indulged in Japanese cultures by attending their festival, ate few times at wabi sabi salon and izakaya and also brushing up my jap through jdorama.
  • Big Bang drama marathon, played it morning, lunch and dinner.
  • Went to Uni with guilt for not completing assignments.
  • Lots of online shopping and visited Post Office very often
  • Bought a new iphone cos my samsung died.
  • Dealt with many mental kids and parents.
  • The most important, I spread the good news of Movember. Too bad I am not hairy enough but hopefully my husband will do it next year and make sure we all support Movember and “CANCER, You can suck it”.


happy Movember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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