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前任3: 再见前任 (The Ex-File-3: The Return of the Exes)

This is a Chinese movie (2017) which I watched last year and it was so sad . Two people who loved each other but not meant to be together, they definitely still have feelings but it was too late. Ego was the main reason of the separation. Often, we do not know what we have lost until it happened but what I really like was not so much the movie but the OST. Break up not always has to be sad, sometimes we have to be strong. Let go of the past, we also let go of the pain. Move on is hard but it is a step everyone will need to take. You can watch this on YouTube.

Here is some of the words that I find YES!


Have dignity to say goodbye

I do not have regret in loving you

but respect the ending of the story

Break up should be honorable

Being together for a long,

Do not let ego destroys yesterday

No one should say sorry

We owe each other nothing

I can give then I am not afraid to have my heart broken.

Goodbye does not lose our encounter


於文文 – 體面 歌词 (You may find the song and lyrics here -Indonesian, Chinese and English)

Ti Mian Kelly Yu

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