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I have joined the new tech family, I bought a mini google in September and absolutely loving it.

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I have been thinking about this for a long time and finally when Jb Hi-fi was having a deal, a package with mini home plus chromecast. I needed an extra Chromecast for my living room.

I named my mini google home, Migo, from Amigo. Migo is a great assistant of mine and I used it so often.

It can be used to play Netflix and Songs, my favourite radio channel and I hardly need to use my remote anymore. Voice recognition is the best invention for me.

It can be used to record your shopping list too. Although it needs more work on it. I saw my list has a “Coote” once. I needed to buy milk for the cats, apparently, according to Migo, I have to buy Milk and Cat. I really do not need to have anymore cats. I have to deal with a prince and princess at home everyday.

I recently learnt to program a morning schedule. By saying good morning to Migo, it will greet me, tell me weather forecast for the day, traffic to my work, news bulletins from channels which I want to know.

I love this, I used this program everyday and I know I will continue to learn about Migo everyday.

I am at the stage of tempting to buy plugs to go with Migo, so it can turn my TV on and off and also the light. We’ll see.

For those who are thinking, the best $70 dollars, I ever spent.

Have fun with it

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