Harlem Yu and Annie Yi (庾澄慶 & 伊能静)

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(庾澄慶 & 伊能静)

I read a lot on their current news and I am very upset cos I like harlem a lot. Although I am not fans of his but I respect him as a talented singer and he is so protective of his family. it is so sad 伊 does not feel the same. I have a feeling she is using him right now and their son.

I was especially angry when 伊’s mum said their problem was mostly because Harlem’s mother does not like her. Does she mean this ” if your mother-in-laws does not like you, you can go and have an affair”

If 伊 does not like it, she can divorce first and then go and have her relationship. Why does she wants to hurt Harlem who loves her very much.

I really dont understand


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