Growing up

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The process of growing up is when you have accepted your fall and you are moving ahead with a better perception.

I felt upset because no matter how much I did, I always returned to square one. It was not a pleasure experience especially you knew that you worked so hard. I wanted to give up, I did.

My husband told me last night that we should not compare the experiences but we should measure the changes. Come to think about it, this way of thinking is a lot better. I looked and felt around, I am happier although not always contented. It came to me that I grew up a bit every day. After all,  today is better than yesterday. I am one of the lucky ones because I have people that encourage me to finish the race and tell me that the finish line is not far.

Challenges in life is a part of your process of maturing and instead of having regret, it is better to break a bone and keep pushing.

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