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The World of the Married if finally over and life can return to normal and emptiness of TV shows. I have to admit that I have not yet seen such a great TV serial for sometime especially a tragedy. The crew of the TV serial has done an excellent job in producing this drama.

Do not continue if you have not seen the finale.

Many people are upset the end but I actually liked it. This is not a show to please anyone but I am so glad, they kept it consistently throughout the show. It is almost based on the real life.

The last episode continued to keep the suspense going and lots of flash back to build you more into the story before Da kyung and Tae Oh.

This episode you would kind of feel sorry for Tae Oh but I am glad that they did not make the two of them went back together because Tae Oh did not yet realise what he has done wrong on their last chat.

It is an open ending, and people can let their imagination goes wild. I cannot imagine how quickly and real those emotions on the show. It caught my attention very quickly and since I started, I could not stop at all.

I wont give it a perfect score but it is high 90. I felt sorry for Ye Rim and Je Hyuk. They finally realised that they loved each other but it was too late. Ye Rim could not move on from his cheating, she would continue to suspect and not to trust him. Maybe she made the right choices and left but I felt that the two could gave it more time and maybe new location. Je Hyuk’s eyes while looking at the Tiramisu, they were full of regrets, I felt sorry for his new girl. She would always be compare to Ye Rim.

Da Kyung, alias the slut, she had her karma, she wont trust men anymore, her family had to leave the town due to shame, I do not feel sorry for at all, she knew that he was married and continued to have that relationship and even tried to made him divorce her. She played with fire, she would get burn and she did. She was the delusional one, she finally came to realised but the damage was done so she has to life with her choices, I felt sorry for her daughter Jenny. She would never know her father.

Joon Young, he ran away from home. I felt really sorry for this kid, being at this confusing age, he had to deal with such a bad break up of the parents. Both parents have used him to hurt the other one, instead of trying to do their best not to hurt their son, they have both made a mess. He had dealt with parents’ marriage broke down, he witnessed his mother was physically abused by his dad, he saw his dad returned with a new family and heard him said they were the best things in his life (even though his dad might not really mean it, to a teenager, it was a rejection), he saw his parents lied to him and to people, he saw the fakeness of his dad’s new wife. He did not feel accepted at his new home and then his dad slapped him.

People seemed to forget that he was only at his teen, even some adults could not deal with some problems, why he was judged so hard for refusing to see his parents and ran away. He needed time to calm down and learnt to deal with problems, at least he did not hurt himself.

Tae Oh, he was the main culprit to have all these dilemmas took place. If only he was not cheating on his wife in the first place, he regretted it so much and the actor who played this guy (Park Hae Joon) should win some award, his facial expressions was so real and amazing. He was right at the end, he advised his son not to lose the person beside him and would love him endlessly. I did not like where he thought he could just march into the family and every one could give it a go again. No, once trust is broken, it is hard to get it back, Ye Rim and Je Hyuk were the perfect example and Je Hyuk tried very hard to win her back. He should have got his life back and slowly get into contact with Joon Young and even if he was unable to win Sun Woo back, he could continue to be friend.

Sun Woo, when she ran to Tae Oh during the car accident, my heart stopped and I teared up. It was good to see Tae Oh did not die, because to kill yourself in front of your ex-wife and your son was not the right move. They could blame themselves for life. Another example of weak parenting from Tae Oh. Sun Woo was in the crossroad to choose between her love and son. She finally realised that all these dramas were played by her too, if only she stepped back a move. Although at the end, she learnt to be patient and finally to let go, she slowly had done that throughout the drama but when she did not force to take Joon Young home, that was a sign of acceptance.

She finally came to realisation that everything is now over. she has to wait for Joon Young to come and he did, you cannot force someone to be in your life, if you want that person, you have to wait but it does not promise you that it will be the ending you have wanted.

I really think the producers and crews should be given an absolute standing ovation for such an amazing show. I normally re-watched the show that I really like but I do not think I want to see this one again, too real for me and too emotional. For those who have not watched, do though, it is an exceptional TV serial.

Now I can return to watch rubbish shows where I wont cry everytime I watch.


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