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With the rising of the instagram, many developers are thinking of ways to create another wave of craziness and now we are getting GifBOOm. So what is GifBoom? It is very similar to instagram concept so you can take pictures, likes your friends’ pictures, likes strangers’ pictures, you may modify pictures (retro, vintage, etc), add borders and writing.

So why GifBoom? the only difference, you will get animate pictures. So a series of pictures which was taken by you will be compile together and somehow like magic start to move. I wont be able to explain the science behind it but if you familiar with file end with .gif, basically you are making it with your own pictures.

Would I recommend? personally, I am not big fan of gif and it gives me headache for moving too much. I reckon it is personal preference, you go with anything you want and like.

This is example of GifBoom and have fun if you are using it.

mis is chasing a stick

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