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Many of you will enjoy watching scary movies and based on the type of  ghost films you would normally watch, you will have your own imagination to it. Most of us feel that they are scary, horrible and annoying but the life of the ghost might not be too bad.

Ghost does come with some privileges:

  • it does not have to wake up early to attend school or work
  • no homework unless they are slaving under the spell of a witch
  • no exam to Ghost’s academy
  • it sleeps in the morning and wake up during the great movie hours
  • it does not need to open door or window
  • it can hit their body to the wall and feel no pain (accidentally and purposely)
  • it can scare their enemies (human)
  • it does not feel hungry (apart from hungry ghost festival once a year according to the Chinese traditions, so if the western ghosts are luckier)
  • not in any way part of the vampire and wolf man’s saga
  • you will not need internet as you can just drop and visit your friend in another part of the world
  • does not need to indulge in things which will make you fat
  • does not worry about fashion or if you do need to change, just transform yourself
  • no more cooking and cleaning, just magic

So it is not bad yeah, so why are we scared of it? or maybe it is the jealousy toying with our feeling and want it to look bad because we know that we could not do most of the things it could and it does not need to worry about responsibility.

I am not saying, kill yourself now and enjoy the life, my aim to write this is simpler, I just want to feel less timid when I am watching a ghost movie.

Also, depending on your belief, you might perceive it differently from me and even disagree with me but I am just wondering why should we be scared watching a ghost film.

The truth is  this article helps me nothing. When I was searching for a funny ghost picture, I was still too scared to look at the real one, so I chose clipart. I can do this let along a movie, Sigh ….

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  1. saya takut tapi suka nonton, cuma sering ditutup2in pake bantal atau tangan. ada rekomendasi yang seram ngak ?

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