Four days of Hell

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infernoLast Tuesday to Friday, Melbourne experience the worst heatwave. It was pretty over 41 degrees every day and the highest was 44 degrees. Many people were still talking of those four days of hell. My hubby and I were lucky because we bought a portable air conditioned since a year or two back. My cats did not do too well, they were exhausted, low energy and one of them even got the heatstroke on the second day.

We ended up making our en suite bedroom to accommodate us and the cats. We moved one of their litter tray and left in the bathroom, we moved couple of their bed into the bedroom as well. Due to the direction of our unit, it tends to collect more heat in the house and of course, this is a disadvantage during summer. The cool change usually comes from the front door but we did not have a security screen door so we could not open it. So we just have to wait a bit longer for the house to cool down. I requested the landlord to add it but I doubt that he would do it.

Our air con works well in the room but even with it, you could still feel hard to sleep at night. Some people who did not have air con would suffer the most. It was unbearable and trust me, fans are just not enough. I even tried fan with icebox, it works for a very short period of time. My ice box melt in about two hours. It could not have last me the whole day.

Some of you who have never experience the heat like this will have difficulty to imagine it. I have attached bel0w a video from Youtube which shows you how hot it was.

Of course with the heatwave like this, Many parts of Australia are in the middle of bush fires. We do have some idiots who lit the bush purposely. They have no responsibility toward others nor sympathy. I am hoping they do rot in hell because they have caused so much grief. It is hot enough, I do not care whether they are mentally stable or not but it is just wrong and we could not pretend because they have some illness to burn something, we let them slip by. Those people who houses were burnt down, did not deserve this. Luckily, we have many great fire-fighters and volunteers who never stop rescuing.

The heatwave also brought some areas blackouts, I feel sorry for those families though, it was definitely unbearable days for them. We should thank the great work of some people who are fighting behind the screen too, paramedics, nurses and doctors who are attending victims of fire and heatstroke. Veterinarians attended those poor domesticated and wildlife. Police and volunteers to rescue and direct people to run and move away from the fire. There was also another person which for the first time showed politicians’ sympathy. It was Robert Doyle, the Lord Mayor of the city of Melbourne. He opened the pool for the homeless. I have to admit that the last few weeks, the topics on homeless have changed my perspective toward them. I also have the same ignorant view that why could not they work but I could not see that sometimes, it is really not their choice but rather we are not giving them the chance. I really would like to thank those volunteers who are helping them out too. Many of the stories have touched me and I am much more giving toward them and I am not ashamed to admit that my views are wrong. Not all the homeless people are lazy.

I was very jealous of Asia who were experiencing too much rain and America who was in the middle of ice storm. What I was absolutely gob smacked was that our government still did not want to admit that we have been experiencing climate change. Hello!!!! cant they see all this crazy weather stuff which are so unpredictable. I am not saying this is easy to fix but at least admit that it is happening, would be a great first step.

We are all in this middle of the weather mess,  I am just hoping, it passes very quickly and lets each of us contribute in our own way to reduce more crazy climate ba!

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